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We provide following services:
  • state registration of setting-up, amendments and termination of activity (liquidation, re-organization) of legal entities, their daughter companies and structural units; registration of foreign investments;

  • bankruptcy and services of court-appointed managers;

  • state registration of setting-up, changes of data and termination of activity of natural persons-entrepreneurs;

  • legal assistance of economic operations and contractual relations; complete legal servicing of subjects of business activity;

  • assistance in receiving licenses, permission, patents (legal accompaniment of procedural issues , preparation and submission of documents, consultations, etc.);

  • preparation, analysis and accompaniment in conclusion of contracts, agreements and taking other legal actions, including special ones;

  • representation of interests and protection of rights of subjects of business activity in state authorities and local authorities, with companies, in institutions and organizations;

  • out-of-court settlement of disputes arising between subjects of business activity, representation of interests and disposal of business in economic courts on the territory of Ukraine, in International Commercial Court of Arbitration;

  • representation of interests and management of affairs of citizens in general courts of all instances in settling civil, family, housing, labour and other disputes;

  • assistance in settling disputes of public-legal character (administrative law);

  • legal assistance in operations with real estate (drawing-up documents for the right of ownership, privatization, alienation, consultations);

  • offshore companies’ registration and opening accounts in offshore jurisdictions selected by the customer;

  • providing accounting services;

  • consultations on the issues of current legislation and other services.

  Khmel'nyts'koho B. street, 51/8, Lviv, Ukraine, 79019     
phone: +380-32-243 00 63, ph.mobile: +380-98-681 07 39, phone/fax: +380-32-255 45 19     
e-mail: legalis_lviv@yahoo.com